M.V. Henley is a great filimg location for either period or modern productions.

She can have artificial steam added and a wooden deck laid to give her the authentic look of a Victorian Steam Passenger Boat, or lin existing set up for a modern sightseeing Party Boat.

Her size enables the boat to be set up as a Private Launch or even a Houseboat.

The M.V. Henley is so diverse and versatile for her size and she is licenced to operate any where between Oxford and Kent.

The vessel was featured in the hit iconic cult production of the BBC’s “Ashes to Ashes” as a floating 80s-night club in the East End of London.

She can also regularly be seen in the background of “Made in Chelsea” on some of The Thames scenes.

We also have our very own support vessel The Lindon which has a spacious and safe platform for cameras to be mounted or to be used as a safety boat.

River Boat Charters can take care of all the necessary filming licences and permits.

All of our team have a wealth of knowledge of The River Thames so can advise on possible filming locations, whilst advising on and working around any tidal conditions.

M.V. Henley is also perfect for advertisements, photo shoots, music videos and interviews.

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